Peach For Days…

Peach for days …

So a while ago I have quite dark brown hair and I’d become quite fascinated with warm, pink, peachy colours.

I had a zillion lipsticks in more shades of pink than times it takes you to “redo that eyeliner for it to be ‘on fleek'”, but realized I don’t really own any eye shadows of that description 😦 Do not fear, cause Georgie is here…

I discovered that I could use my favorite lipliners in the crease of my eyelid, and with enough blending it looked as good as any cut crease look, and lasted all night!

Products Used:


  • Rimmel | Match Perfection, shade “100”
  • Rimmel | Stay Matte, shade “01”



  • Napoleon | lip liner shade “Monaco”
  • Stila | Window To The Soul palette
  • Urban Decay | Naked 1 palette
  • Stila | Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • Too Faced | Better Than Sex mascara



  • Napoleon | lip liner shade “Monaco” (blended)






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