Bronze + Classic nudie


Not going to lie I’m a huge fan of the ultra-thick eyeliner look, but to dial down the intensity I tried a look pairing the blood black eyeliner with warmer brown colours.

Obviously pairing this makeup look with dofferent coloured outfits (in my case blue or black) enhances different elements of the look.


  • Black: brings out the intensity of the black eyeliner
  • Blue: relaxes the look and contrasts against the black and brown colours.


Products used:


  • Stila | One step correction, primer
  • Esteé Lauder | Double Wear foundation, shade “ivory beige”
  • Esteé Lauder | Powder foundation, shade
  • NARS | Blame It On Nars cheek palette


  • Stila | Window To The Soul palette
  • Nude by Nature | Trio brown mini palette (used for brows aswell)
  • Chanel | Liquid eyeliner
  • Lancome | Starry Eyesmascara


  • MAC | “Yash” matte lipstick (applied with a lipbrush first to act as a ‘lip liner’)



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