Lions & Tigers &… Interviews

Out in the wilderness you feel all alone, knowing soon the interview will get you and gobble you up…

Ok I’m kidding, but the daunting day has come where you’re voluntarily getting judged on what you say, how you look, how you walk and God knows what else…

great… I’ve had my fair share of interviews, 2 in the past 24 hours consisting of tests and judging panels – so as you can imagine my stress levels were fiefdoms tell on the higher side of the scale. But to lessen the blow of the corporate punch, here are some simple steps and helpful hints I always remember when preparing for an interview.


1. Tight in moderation

Its one or the other – a tight top or a tight skirt. There’s nothing wrong with a fitted top or a business pencil skirt when it comes to interviews, but honey pick ONE. Rock up head to toe in bodycon and your interview will be over in 45 seconds flat. Today I opted for a tight black skirt but paired it with a flowy button up white blouse to ‘even out’ my look.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset


2. Keep the makeup on the downlow…

Even though you may be a rising MUA in disguise (make up artist), your new employee may not be as ready for Jeffree Starr’s “Breakfast at Toffany’s” or “I’m Royalty” as we’d like them to be… To play it safe opt for a nude look, minimal eyeliner and calmed brows – babe it’s ok if you’re a little off-fleek for this one day. I recommend MAC “Yash Matte” as featured below ⬇️.




Oh and make sure there are NO mistakes in it… Nothing looks worse than rocking up without an interview for your employer or bringing one that has your old, dissxonnexted mobile number… 😐📱 uh oh


4. Be confident!

At the end of the day the company isn’t hiring a computer or a qualification, they’re hiring a person. A genuine person. And that’s all they are looking for, so I can’t say it in any other cheesy way that just be yourself.


5. Dig up some dirt 💻📶🌐

Before you step foot in that office room, stalk the fuck out of your interview, your employer or employees, your boss, the company or whatever you can find. Know what they do and what they’re about. Know what they’re after in terms of skills etc, so you can show them just what you’ve got.



Best of luck!


Love Georgie

The Coffee Confidential XO


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