Time for a getaway…

So over the past week my boyfriend and I decided to venture the seas and go on a cruise. looked only a month before we left, found quite a deal and it was booked.

Over the next couple days I’ll be posting a diary as such of each port we visited, but for now I’ll just give you a summary of how it all panned out.

We booked the “Island Hopper” cruise through P&O and got to board their largest ship the Pacific Dawn. With 14 levels of fine dining, activities and more we never found a moment of boredom. The ship is fully equipped with its own theatre showing plays, dances, comedy shows and movies each day, as well as having a full casino (money money oh yeah), 4 restaurants, 2 pools, multiple spas, a gym and spa resort facility, outdoor rock climbing and flying fox, bars galore, duty-free shopping and a Pandora store, cocktail classes and much more!

All meals were included at 2 of the onboard resaurants – either The Plantation which served buffet style meals, or The Waterfront which served fine dining 3 coure meals, with a new menu daily. The only cost onboard was paying for drinks – whether it be softdrinks, alcohol or coffee. Free tea and instant coffee was provided, but I for one can’t go past a decent barista made coffee watching the waves wash by.

As always

G, Coffee Confidential XO

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