Frankie say RELAX


So you want to be as relaxed as Ross, or if you’re not a Friend’s fan, just chilled as can be? Here are the top 5 ways to de-stress and relax.


1. Have a bath

Leave your phone behind and hop in a hot tub of bubbles! I recommend Lush Bathbombs as you’ll leave the bath with skin as soft as babies and smelling delectable.



2. Listening to the ocean

Despite what TLC told us maybe chasing waterfalls isn’t such a bad idea. Take a quick trip to the beach, a waterfall or a nearby stream and just listen. Look at everything around you, and not through the screen on your phone.



3. Herbal tea!🍃

Peppermint or Ginger tea and renown for calming nerves, so make yourself a cuppa when tension is high.



4. Sleep 💤

My gosh get some sleep!!! Nothing lets the body replenish itself like sleep does.



5. Put on a movie

Nothing works better than distracting yourself. Or procrastinating. Same thing…




Love Georgie,

The Coffee Confidential XO




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