Cafe Review | That’s What She Said

Sunday morning my best friend and I went out for breaky to a  little cafe called “That’s What She Said” located in Underwood, Brisbane. It’s a small cafe open super early every morning until noon ❤



It’s tucked away in a small shopping complex just off the main road, but despite this traffic noise wasn’t too bad at all. Seating was available inside and outside the cafe so we chose to sit on the tall stools overlooking the road.

Although the cafe doesn’t have their own website, heaps of information in regards to menu’s and opening hours, etc, can be found on their Zomato or Facebook page.




The food wasn’t anything special – don’t get me wrong it was yummy, but it was comparable to a nice breakfast anywhere. The presentation was gorgeous though, and incredibly cute with little glass bottles full of maple syrup and the pancakes scattered with strawberries. The menu as a whole however was a little limiting for breakfast – although there were a lot of options not many tickled my fancy (only a personal note).

Both myself and my best friend ordered pancakes (typical) – and don’t get me wrong it was yummy, but it was nothing special. Tasty but just the same as any restaurant pancake. On the plus side they were very light and soft – relish!

We each ordered a drink – myself an iced-coffee and Chantel a milkshake. The iced coffee was a little bitter (and I’m a coffee fan) so it was obvious they didn’t use any vanilla/sweet syrup in the drink which was a bit of a downside for me as it would have cost extra to do so. I would suggest not skulling you drink before the meals arrive as because the iced-coffee was packed with ice-cream and cream (y.u.m.) I wasn’t able to finish my breaky.

That's What She Said Breaky



The pricing wasn’t too bad – a little bit more than what I would have liked to pay considering we only ordered pancakes (no meat or other items that would increase the pricing dramatically). I really appreciated that there were no extra costs for ice cream/syrup/strawberries as the meal came all inclusive as the picture displays above. Overall it cost around $20 which I was ok-happy with.



Overall I would give the cafe 3.5 stars as my experience there was pleasant and I left happy 🙂 It wasn’t something that I left with a craving to go back for, but I’d be more than glad to go back again. Have you ever been to That’s What She Said Cafe?


Love Georgia,

The Coffee Confidential XO


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