🙆🏼 Yoga Tuesday | Week 1

So because I don’t like running, or cardio, or really much physical exertion (oops) so I’ve decided to give Yoga a go!

I didn’t want to have to pay for yoga classes just yet, drive to some far away suburb and show up alone, so I dragged a friend into doing yoga at our skating gym.

Today’s Yoga class was from Yoga with taken from Shape.com.

Best Yoga Poses for Flat Abs

Because I’m a little sad and didn’t want to do the class on my own I dragged in a friend and we went to out sporting club’s gym, set up a mirror with my phone displaying the poses were about to undertake. To be honest it was a little awkward at first with people coming and going from the gym, staring at us being complete idiots posing weirdly hiding behind a mirror, but the session was really uplifting and even just for the sake of having some giggles I really enjoyed it.

Not going to lie, some of the poses were a little challenging and sadly the highlighted my inflexibility (which was a little concerning considering my friend and I attend weekly stretching classes…)



I would highly recommend doing this online yoga class – it can take anywhere form 10 – 30 minutes depending on how much you’d like to laugh and how many reps you choose to do. By the last pose we were shaking from physical exertion (in a good way) so this yoga class definitely works on those abs!


Love always, Georgia

The Coffee Confidential XO






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