Dabbling in Adulthood | Moving out of home

So a for a few months now I’ve been dabbling in this thing they call adulthood. For the very first time I moved out of home and away from my family. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely on my lonesome – I moved out to my boyfriends place so his family were still there to take care of us and make sure we weren’t surviving off baked beans and $2 Maccas burgers…

Coming from a home where I’ve lived predominantly with just my mum for my entire life, or just my dad (only ever living with 1 other person), moving into a house where at one point in time 10 other humans were all under the same roof provided me with a little bit of a culture shock.


1. Rules

Not meaning having to abide by rules, but just living in a family that functions at the opposite spectrum of what I was used to. Having to think about what I can and can’t eat because there were 10 mouths to feed, where as when it was just mum and I if I accidentally ate her scorched almonds it usually wasn’t the end of the world (even though it may have seemed).


2. Freedom

Not being able to just be me or do as I pleased probably was the hardest thing to adapt to. Things like having to share a bathroom and consequences like running late for work as I needed to put my contacts in, which were yet again in an occupied bathroom (going blind is not an option). Sharing public spaces was also on the list as there was no more walking around in my mini PA pajama shorts and having to consciously think “can I wear this around the house” when it came to my going-out/get drank dresses… Nonetheless this little thing called a dressing gown has become my most worn item…


3. Diet

In regards to the type of food I was eating – comparing feeding 2 and feeding 10 you can imagine how the types of meals differ. I grew up in a household where as a kid I used to eat so many veggies my mum was worried I had become a vegetarian at the age of 3. I’ve always loved my fruit and salads, roast meats, and with an Italian history prosciutto and deli-style foods have always been a favourite, so changing to eating meals that were predominately carbs such as pasta has changed my body dramatically.

I’ve come to realize that this is something out of my control and that I’ll just have to work harder to stay fit. In regards to getting enough nutrients it’s been a bit of a change to cram-pack my work lunches with enough veggies to ensure I’m getting enough nourishment, but still enough substance to keep me going. Nonetheless getting to eat new meals and types of foods has been fun.


4. Loss

I’m not going to put this lightly, but being away from my mum and my family was by far the most challenging aspect emotionally. I knew I wanted to try living away from home and I do really enjoy it even with the ups and downs, but initially it was probably one of the most heart wrenching things I’ve experienced in my life. After living a life where I’ve seen my mum almost every single day for 18 years, and spending most of that time with just her and I (no siblings, etc) it was like I’d lost a part of myself. Even still after about 6 months I tend to not think about it as I know I’ll get all sad and droopy.


dc69b3400a9cad4b653e99104132d89aDon’t get me wrong, initially as much as I loved being somewhere new and exciting, I couldn’t believe more in the quote “don’t grow up, it’s a trap” as it’s just a fact of life that no one likes change. As time went on though I would have to say I’ve really grown as a person – having to actually take care of myself, making sure I’m on time to events, etc, and just in general organizing my life. It’s definately been a change that has strenghtened me.

I’ve really grown to enjoy living out of home especially to my boyfriend’s where his family are so generous with their time to help us out – such as surprising me by putting together our new bed for us, or helping me out with my washing when a) I’ve forgotten about it, or b) Mitch decided to do 3 loads on a rainy day…

And I can’t leave out that I love having Mitch’s company. Being an only child – as weird as it was at first, it’s nice to have lots of people around all the time. I would definately recommend just jumping into the deep end for anyone who’s on the fence or wanting to move out of home 🙂


Love always,

The Coffee Confident XO


One thought on “Dabbling in Adulthood | Moving out of home

  1. Kath says:

    Loved reading this. You’ve had quite a few adjustments to manage and you’ve done it well. Welcome to adulthood ❤
    And by the way, it is close to the end of the world eating your mum’s scorched almonds! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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