Roadtrip to Byron Bay | Greg & Anna’s Wedding

Last week on Monday afternoon I ventured off down the highway all on my lonesome for the very first time…

For a vlog of my trip, head over to my YouTube channel to see everything I got up to! >> Roadtrip to Byron Bay Vlog << or just scroll to the bottom of this post so see the vid  🙂

But without further ado…

DAY 1: Roadtrip!

My cousin and his (now) wife had their wedding at a place called Horizon in Byron Bay which meant a 2.5 hour car trip on my own in the darkness through roads that looked as though they’d been vigirously holepunched… My poor baby Ollie finally made it through the night with only minimal swearing and lots of swerving. But oh my was it worth it..

The place that I would live for the next 3 days was a huge house perched ontop of a hill overlooking the country side scattered with cows, all the way out to the rolling ocean. I’ve attached some pictures below (obviously not mine…) of the Horizon House where we not only lived but where the wedding and reception was also held.



Day 2: The Wedding

So along came day 2 – the day of the wedding, and everything was a hustle and bustle.. After waking up at some stupid hour cause I ‘wanted to take some nice pictures of the house before everyone woke up’ (didn’t happen) our family had a traditional Lowe/Fyfe breakfast of muesli, strawberries and blueberries among other fruits topped off with some sort of delicious yogurt.

After downing breakfast the wedding preparations begun with bouquet making and flower arranging. Candle holders, chalkboards and birdcages were decorated and it couldn’t have looked more perfect.


And so begun the lengthy 2 hours of hair and makeup I was all ready to go! I decided to go with a matte brown and white sparkly cut-crease look with warm undertones as I had gold jewelry and accessories. For a tutorial of my look, head over to my new YouTube channel! (to be posted soon).


During the wedding and reception no phones or cameras were allowed so unfortunately at this point in time I cannot share that with you. 


The wedding could not have gone more perfectly, with vows said and tears shed, and Anna sneakily calling out “HE DOES!” before the groom even got to agree. Dinner was served with alternating meals of chicken wrapped in prosciutto and a mouthwatering lamb and Mediterranean mix meal (I got to have the latter).

Also served was alternating greens and risotto, not that this is really important and quite frankly probably sounds like the most boring fact of the evening except for the fact I believe I was the ONLY PERSON NOT TO EAT THE RISOTTO which I was later shunned for for the next 2 days… I should have realized it was something I should have shoveled onto my plate as I witnessed the man who sat opposite me sculling down the leftovers hand over fist as the plate was lifted into the air and tugged away from him by the waiter… No need to name and shame, I’ll give you that much solace.

Anywho.. After the risotto incident passed dancing happened and by the end of the night I’d ruined my glamorous getup by wearing my infamous grey knit – but only on my arms; as you do.


Day 3: The Aftermath

The next morning rolled around and I greeted my dad in the kitchen to find him leaning against the bench wearing sunglasses, inside, at 8 am. Curious I asked “are you drunk or blind?” but to my humorous dismay he simply couldn’t be bothered to put his contacts in so proceeded to look like Paris Hilton strutting around in his sunnies. non stop.

An adventure was install so myself, my dad, cousin Darryn and his wife First hopped in a car and headed off to the lighthouse. We didn’t quite make it all the way before coffee  was in need so we stopped in for our hit at The Byronian.


Finally making it and somehow finding a park, we met up with Greg, Anna and some of her family and wondered to the most eastern point of Australia. The view was just incredible so we wondered for a while and investigated the lighthouse museum. With whales, hang gliders and TigerMoth airplanes the day couldn’t have been better.



Love always,

The Coffee Confidential XO



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