2017 Here we come!

Happy New Year my angels!

After an interesting 2016 I think that we are all hoping for an absolutely amazing 2017. I hope that this year brings you nothing but wonder and challenges that fill your soul.

But with every new year bring on the inevitability of resolutions and how determined we are to keep them… Last year my resolution was no more fast food which I will say lasted 4-5 months until one drunk night when I wasn’t going to deny myself maccas any longer… Oops.

But nonetheless,  I decided to make resolutions this year that will be a little more realistic and easier for me to keep, yet still improving myself. So here are my resolutions for this year that might inspire you too!


1. Plan my outfits the night before

Silly idea? Maybe.  But I know that I am one who suffers from  morning-mindlessness where upon waking-up I literally cannot function. Every morning I usually waste a solid 5 mins watching my toast in the toaster and proceed to waste another 15 minutes not being able to plan an outfit as my brain is still asleep.

By picking out an outfit the night before I know I won’t be showing up to work regretting my choice of clothes as I somewhat resemble 5yr old me dressing herself in mismatched patterns and multicolours.


2. Stop buying lunch every day…

I know it may sound stupid or silly – like um. it’s lunch whats the big deal? But even if I spent $4 on buying myself something to eat every day it would amount to $960 a year which is a nice cruise to Bali… and I know which one I’d prefer!

Instead, with the time I have saved myself in the morning from resolution #1^, I can now make myself a sandwich, grab a piece of fruit or 2 and off I go 🙂 I prefer to pack many little things I can snack on as apposed to one big meal for the day (so nuts, fruit, vegge sticks and a healthy dip etc is always great!)


3. Make my goddamn bed

I don’t think this really needs explaining.. You can all agree that our beds are usually left unmade and half in a heap on the floor? This year I want to make my bed at least half of the week. I get it that some morning I’ll be rushing and flying out the door, but at last 3-4 times a week I want to be able to spare the 2 minutes to fix up me sheets and arrange my pillows to perfection.


4. Have neater handwriting

My writing can be neat when I want it to be but most of the time its scribble. This year I would like to take the time when I’m writing to do it nicely, and do it well.


5. Frown less, relax more

I have found that when I am reading or concentrating on something on my phone screen, my face tends to frown a little and tense up. This in itself – even if I am not actually stressed, make me feel so as my face is tense and so I feel tense. This year I am going to relax more and not sweat the small stuff.



6. Sunday Spa-day

Every Sunday from now on is classified as a me day. Whether it be for an hour or 3, it’ll all be about taking care of me. Whether it’s using a treatment on my hair to make it soft and healthy, painting my nails, using a nice exfoliater, cleansing my skin – whatever.  Its a Spa Day! *cue the boyf to start the weekly massages please and thank you 😉 *


7. Drink more water!

Oh god I am hopeless at this… The only time I will actually drink the minimum amount of water any living being should, is when it’s already too late and I’m lying in bed feeling like my head is about to explode. This year I’m going to carry a water bottle with me everywhere to make sure I am drinking all day erryday! 😛

Pool Water Tumblr Ideas 619116 Pool Design



Love always,

The Coffee Confidential XO




———- a blog by Georgia Fyfe ❤


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