Airtasker? Not so breezy

*Warning – do not read if you’re not ready for an honest roast*

Heard of the website/app AirTasker? Its practically a more sophisticated version of Gumtree but for tasks and jobs around the house. Some people use it to get KFC delivered to their homes but hey, each to their own..

When I first heard my Mum raving about the app to my family I was filled with nothing but intrigue. I could get paid for designing logos, websites and advertising without being qualified? Yes please!

But it’s not so breezy…

My very first customer went by the name Fiona – sounds lovely enough right? Wrong. She runs a wonderful dating program called “Speed Dating and Events” which I thought would have been heaps of fun to work with. At first she was the most delightful customer, the work was easy and my logos and ads were a hit… But when it came to crunch time she refused to pay me stating I hadn’t completed the job after I’d gone above and beyond to ensure she was satisfied, even offering to teach her how to use PayPal… seriously? By the end of the extravaganza I was paid half of the amount of what I was supposed to have receive.


It was a little difficult working with someone who wasn’t open to suggestions and had no image in mind making it painstakingly difficult to reach a decision (as commented by her previous employees). The ideas and desires that she did have were very dated and awkward looking, but nonetheless I typed away and designed exactly what she wanted. In the end I created 6 final ad designs, 2 logos, provided a media plan, edited her website and designed and added social-media links which she isn’t even aware of how to use – all done within her set time frame… and still she was ‘disgraced’.

She later stated she wanted the job done in “24 hours” which cut short her set deadline of 4 days, breached our agreement demanding 6 ads as apposed to the confirmed 4 (and would not pay until I’d sent her the extra designs that she had previously declined), constantly messaged me whilst I was at work/asleep asking why I wasn’t responding and was such a rude person to work with. To this day the logo is up and running but the media plan was thrown in the trash and only one of her weird-requested ad designs has been published – mind you, she can’t even match the dates in the ad with the dates in the event details so this is all a little worrying… I guess I should have seen the red warning flags when she stated she’d had endless troubles with designers for 2 years. OMG surely after 730 days of issues she could have figured out that the problem was her? 🚩🚩🚩

Ad published on site

One of Fiona’s odd requested ad designs on the site – notice that the ad & description dates don’t even match… awkward!


At least by the end of it I had some form of payment, and my work was out in the world for people to see.

My main reason for writing this little article is to warn you all to just to be careful. Airtasker on the whole seemed to be such an easy and accessible site. It was super easy to setup and there are hundreds of jobs added every day from moving furniture, watering gardens or designing websites. Its an easy way to get a little or a LOT of cash with jobs ranging from $6 – $600+. But there are a few people out there who seem to have little-to-no integrity and are happy to throw insults left right and center, or share their sob-story in an attempt to guilt you into to letting them off without paying…


One of Fiona’s departing messages after she sent at least 4 job cancellation request when she already had my designs, before she stopped replying after I said I’d fight for my payment.

… righteo Fiona, because you’re the only one in the world trying to make a living

I couldn’t believe how unprofessional she was acting for a 50 year old business woman. Not to worry, I told her I couldn’t understand why she was making it sound so miserable to be a single mum (as my mum is a single mum too 🙂 ), called her out on her extreme deceitfulness and attempted to take the high road. Airtasker does offer a mediation service for instances like this – which I used, but in order for any action to be taken there are charges that apply to ‘hire’ their services, so the most they could do was say everything was fine when she paid me for half the job.

In the end she still has all my work and initially continued to use it without any form of payment or permission. After my semi-payment she continued to state “she had to hire someone else to complete the job”, but to this day has been unable to answer what part of the job was left unfinished and dodged the question every time.

I wish you all luck using AirTasker, advise you to avoid FIONA and that all your clients be a little better than this 😉

Love always,

The Coffee Confidential XO



———- a blog by Georgia Fyfe ❤


Click on the links below if you’d like to see who I worked with, my logo up on Fiona’s existing website or to check out AirTasker for yourself! 🙂

screenshot-2017-01-24-08-59-07  screenshot-2017-01-24-09-01-07



** DISCLAIMER – you should read this 😉

I made a written agreement with Fiona to write an article on her business and my experiences, and to share it amongst my friends and family on my blog and Facebook – so here it is!

I do not know Fiona personally and my intentions are not to offend herself or anyone associated with her, but to share an honest and truthful experience. This article is merely written to share a business experience with Fiona, her business Speed Dating & Events, and to review



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