CCXO Weekly Planner

I know one thing I struggle with the most would HAVE to be organizing  my time… No matter how much I think I have everything under control, I never really know what I supposed to be doing tomorrow afternoon unless I write it down.

*scroll to the bottom to check out my Printable Weekly Planner I’ve made just for you guys!*

Here are my top 5 tips for being organised in your life and your home!


1. 5 minutes a day keeps the mess away

Every day I try to spend at least 5 minutes putting things away in my room. Sure it doesn’t happen every day, and in those 5 minutes I often can’t put away all the mess I’ve made, but over a few days I find that my room will be back to how it’s supposed to be with everything put away tidily.


2. Don’t cram pack your time

This would be one of the things I struggle with the most. I try to fit in 75 things into 60 seconds and expect I can pull it off without a near-death experience… Yeah no. Make sure you give yourself enough time for the tasks or events you want to do or attend and be able to actually enjoy that time. Even just vacuuming the house, give yourself an extra 10 minutes so it’s not a rush and you can do it at a leisurely pace.


3. Be a Completer Finisher

Being a completer finisher sure is a hard thing, but what it means is that any activity you begin – you finish! How I tackle this task is by always making little lists on my phone of things I need to finish so that I don’t forget and so that once it’s done I can have the joy of deleting it off my phone! The guilt of having a super ling and daunting list of things to do usually keeps me on my toes about trying to get it all finished.



You can never have too many lists. In my spare time at work or on my lunch breaks, I love to make lists. It helps me to feel more in-control of my chaotic life and helps me to know exactly what I need to do. Take going overseas for example – I don’t really want to start packing because I don’t know what to pack, how many pairs of pants etc. But by making a list I not only save myself from over packing but I can get on with the task.


5. Write it down

I couldn’t live without having a planner. It helps me so much to know exactly how much time I have free each week – or more so how much time I don’t have free… And for that exact reason I designed the printable weekly planner below! Super colorful and fun, it makes it so easy to block-plan your time ❤

weekly planner2.jpg



Love always,

The Coffee Confidential XO



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