Hello, it’s Me

Lets share a cup of coffee and I’ll be your confidant.

Hey there lovely viewers,

My name’s Georgia and I’m 18 years old and venturing through life. This blog is here to share my life with you – from the daily dilemmas of life, tips and trick on surviving (literally can you cook more than 2 minute noodles? If not you need this blog), to makeup tips and tutorials and all things beauty related.

A little about me, you can win me over with daisies and Chanel and  I guess you could say I’ve been a Friends addict since the age of 4. I’m a full-time receptionist (aka office-biatch) and I’ve been a synchronised ice skater for 13 years running and still can’t get enough of it.

I’ve grown up in Brisbane my whole life but I absolutely love to travel and I’ve been to a total of 14 (or more.. I’ve lost count) countries. I have a cat named Hamish who to this day is the sassier creature I’ve met, and a golden retriever named Lizzie who’s 5 but thinks she a puppy (which trust me, it’s not great when a 30kg animal believes she’s a lap dog…). My baby is my little BMW named Oliver (Ollie) who I tend to like to fill with my entire wardrobe and proceed to transport it everywhere we go. With no siblings I keep my friends close to my heart, and by my side is my wonderful boyf Mitch.

So thats me! Enjoy xx



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