CCXO Weekly Planner

I know one thing I struggle with the most would HAVE to be organizing  my time... No matter how much I think I have everything under control, I never really know what I supposed to be doing tomorrow afternoon unless I write it down. *scroll to the bottom to check out my Printable Weekly Planner I've made … Continue reading CCXO Weekly Planner


Airtasker? Not so breezy

Heard of the website/app AirTasker? Its practically a more sophisticated version of Gumtree but for tasks and jobs around the house. Some people use it to get KFC delivered to them but hey, each to their own.. When I first heard my Mum raving about the app to my family I was filled with nothing but intrigue. I could get paid for designing logos, websites and advertising without being qualified? Yes please! But it’s not so breezy…